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Argentinian Stocks Are on Fire!

Ardi AazizniaArdi AazizniaNovember 21, 2023
Argentinian Stocks Are on Fire!

Hello traders, 

It has been an eventful weekend with many moving pieces. Firstly, Argentina now has a new president: Javier Milei has won Argentina’s presidential election with some ease.


Javier is a right-leaning candidate who believes government bureaucracy should be eliminated and is going to discontinue the Argentine Peso, deregulate, and allow the economy to grow.

Naturally, this is great news for any economy. Argentina has been battling with hyperinflation and it is time for them to see some change. So far, the market has seen this election as positive since the ETF that tracks Argentina’s economy was up over 11% yesterday alone! 

Yesterday I joked on X (formerly Twitter) that the best trade would be to buy long-dated calls on MercadoLibre ($MELI) to profit from potential deregulation and pro-business policies that are on the way. It seems like the CEO of $MELI is as excited as I am for this change! 

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Another potential market-moving event this past weekend was Sam Altman getting fired from his own company OpenAI.

While the nuance of his exit has been discussed heavily on X and other platforms, I want to focus on the fact that Microsoft, a company that owns majority shares in OpenAI subsidiaries, has outperformed Google by a wide margin in the last 5 years.

Microsoft CEO’s strategic focus on bundling the products and focusing on innovation and enterprise clients has made them almost worth a trillion dollars more than Google. Meantime, Google played it safe and focused on search, which was its cash cow and now its hands are being forced!


Capital market is a competitive brutal world and no wonder why many suggest investing in index funds instead, because stock picking is truly a hard job! 

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Ardi AazizniaArdi Aaziznia

Ardi graduated from the University of British Columbia (Canada) with a concentration in accounting and finance. He is a best-seller author and accomplished trader who serves as the CEO of Trading Terminal. Ardi's accomplishments showcase a combination of academic excellence, trading prowess, and entrepreneurial leadership, making him a prominent figure in the financial world.

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