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Market Has a Bad “Breath” But Does it Matter?

Andrew AzizAndrew AzizJune 1, 2023
Market Has a Bad “Breath” But Does it Matter?


Dear Traders,

I was back in the office today and traded from my trading station for the first time since my Mount Everest climb. There is so much I want to share with you all as soon as I am settled in again and over my jet lag. The last few days in Dubai were relaxing and fun. I took a photo with a Lamborghini and now I know that I have made it! Today, I traded with Brian and made a recap. Please watch the recap and ask your questions in the comments section.


From Everest to Trading


On to the market, what everyone is talking about now is the bad breadth of the market. Breadth, for those of you who don't know, is the percentage of the market making new highs vs. new lows along with the overall internals of the market. It's like having a car, opening the hood, and seeing what is under the hood!

The market breadth has been terrible and the majority of the gain in the market has been by 5 names. The difference in performance between the equal-weighted index RSP vs. the market cap-weighted index SPY is now the highest it has been in the past year!


Market Breadth


The bulls argue that in wars, generals lead, so bad breadth is normal and accepted. The bears, on the other hand, argue that a rally cannot be sustained unless it is a broad-based rally and every stock is participating. What do you think? Are you team bear or team bull? Let me know by simply replying to this newsletter.




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See you tomorrow in the chatroom!

To your success,


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Andrew AzizAndrew Aziz

Andrew Aziz (Ph.D.) is a Canadian trader, investor, proprietary fund manager, official Forbes business Council member, investor, and #1 best-selling author.

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